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Health & Safety policy

Statement of Intent

Under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 and associated protective legislation, the company, both as an Employer and as a Company, has duties in respect of health, safety and welfare. The company recognizes these responsibilities and undertakes to implement all measures that are reasonably practicable to ...

  • Ensure the health, safety and welfare of all persons at work; and
  • Protect the general public from risks to health and safety arising from the company’s activities.

In this regard, management will provide the necessary resources and seek the co-operation of all employees.

In order to comply with this statutory duty the company will:

  1. Define the responsibilities relating to health and safety for all person at work;*
  2. Promote joint consultation and employee involvement in health and safety at work;
  3. Provide information and instruction as necessary to ensure the health and safety at work of its employees, to comply with Health and Safety legislation and regulations; and to promote awareness and understanding of health and safety throughout the workforce;
  4. Provide and maintain safe systems of work, and a safe and healthy working environment.
  5. Ensure safety and absence of health risks in connection with use, handling, storage and transport of articles, equipment, materials and substances;
  6. Provide adequate arrangements for welfare of persons at work;
  7. Carry out risk assessments to identify any hazards, and bring the attention of these hazards and any precautionary measures to the attention of persons at work;
  8. Record and investigate accidents and incidences of occupational ill health;
  9. Monitor health and safety on a regular basis;
  10. Provide and maintain appropriate personal protective equipment where necessary; and
  11. Review this statement of Health and Safety Policy regularly, and when necessary due to changes in legislation, work practices and systems, and articles and substances used in the workplace.


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